ABOUT: Utahtrailhead.com

My name is David G. and I am the creator of Utahtrailhead.com – a site dedicated to providing hikers, and backpackers, with tools and information for planning amazing hikes.

From Necessity to Hobby

My passion for hiking came from my 12 years as a Combat Engineer (12 Bravo) in the Utah Army National Guard. Some of the best memories, from my time in the Guard, are early memories of spending days in the field and getting “turned around” in unfamiliar back-country with my friends. Adventures were always the best way of learning. By the end of my military enlistment I became very good at land navigation and had developed a passion for map reading. That passion for map reading and land navigation eventually grew into a love for backpacking and hiking.

Now that my time in the military is over my best memories come from spending time with my wife and children. As a family we love  having great experiences on hiking trails, discovering new areas, and sometimes finding geocaches along the way. Occasionally; I get nostalgic about my early years in the military when I watch my wife learning how to put grid coordinates into a GPS, or when I see my young daughter with a lensatic compass trying to plot her way through a trail.

Utah Trailhead is a blog site that is created out of my passion for hiking, backpacking, and even geocaching. The goal of this site is to provide users with the tools and information, I would want, when planning a hiking trip. I hope you find this site useful and I hope it encourages you to get out on a trail to make some memories.

Thank You

David G.

P.S. Remember; “The destination is worth the adventure”.



David and daughter