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The “Hiking in Utah” page was created to help you navigate to the some of the best trails and camping areas Utah has to offer. Our goal is to get you inspired to find a new trail by providing you with relevant content on some of the best Utah hiking trails available to the public. Click on the links below to be taken to pages that will provide you with map information, GPS track files, maps of Utah, and geocaching information for each of these great Utah hiking trails.

HIKING IN UTAH: If you are new to hiking or If you are just looking for a quick out-and-back hike there are many trails, on this site,that will perfectly fit your need.

BACKPACKING: If you are looking for a more advanced longer distance adventure this site has links to trails in areas where overnight stays are available for those looking to do more than an out-and-back hike.

MOUNTAIN BIKING: Many trails listed on this site can be accessed by hikers, mountain bikers.  and sometimes horseback riders. Whatever your preference is there is there is sure to be a trail for you.

CAMPING: If you are looking for a trail that has camping and outdoor recreation available, then look no further.  Many of these hiking trails have camp sites available either on camp grounds, around the trails, or on the trail themselves. Overnight stays are welcome on many of these trails.

 Logan Utah

Jardine Juniper Trail

Wind Cave Trail

Naomi Peak Trail

Deep Canyon Trail / Wellsville Ridge

Price Utah & Eastern Utah

Price Canyon Trail

Crack Canyon (San Rafael)

Wild Horse Window Trail

Little Wildhorse Canyon

Southern Utah

South Mule Canyon