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The Jardine Juniper was discovered on July 23 1923 by Maurice Blood Linford. From a twig cut off of the tree and measurements of the immense trunk, years ago, it was estimated that the tree is between 2,700 and 3,000 years old; however, core samples have estimated it to be around 1,500 years old making it the oldest known Rocky Mountain Juniper. The Jardine Juniper trail provides beautiful views of the Logan Canyon and breath-takings scenery along Bear River Mountains. Though the elevation gain is considerable, the overall hike feels moderate. For the most part, this is a quick out and back hike that will not require an overnight stay. Not only is this trail shared by hikers, it is also popular with mountain bikers and horse back riders so be prepared to share the trail.

DIRECTIONS: The Jardine Juniper Trail is located 10.4 miles east of Logan on U.S. Highway 89 at the Wood Camp turnoff.

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Jardine Juniper Trail Elevation Profile

Jardine Juniper Elevation Profile [utahtrailhead.com]

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